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hello is it me you're looking for
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Current Music:the girl who sank me has sunk me by me me me no yes what?
Current Location:bedded room
Time:11:16 pm
Current Mood:12:48 am
Apparently me and dave are going to READING FESTIVAL just to camp. this spells absolute disaster right from the train journey there but i will take this thing with both hands and pull through.theres no way of telling what could happen. "What will you find to do?" ask someones daughter asking for ananswer that spells slaughter. hmmm yess, and umm no thank you but cheers, thanks anyway, youve all been wionderfull, thank you thank you.
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Current Music:a 9 yr old kid with a drum setting fire to his sandals
Time:07:51 pm
pastel pink passes by her pals, thrill from the cheap scentss to your early grave,
grave lands, icestands and broadband handstands,
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Current Music:Latin
Time:03:11 pm
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
Monday and sunday sunday and monday mardi mardi mardi,
twirl + twister into one swell of sun seats, beach, bread, bookshelves, friends and rumours. the baby boomers really paid us off.

i started writing my own obituary for the back pages, my wages and elementary static stages
,swallow whole,
i gave back what i stole,
when i go to buy my boots, i get alotta strabge looks,
i dont know what thats about,
i got a book of words and some spearmint gum,
i got a friend who says she cant wash the world off her hands with anything from a supermarket,
its real sticky, its tricky,
i smoke a thousand,
blow smoke rings, pull all kind off things out, split their bags, pull the strings and
pass me by,
of course ill smile and sing a song about death,
death, a walkman, a cherry coke, im not as broke as i make out i am
in the morning,
yawning in your face,
misplaced in the flow of the floating.

i have a free ticket to paris. my dad says he will pay. its an out of date mispent unspent belated birthday present. Paris crew 2006!!!!!!!!!!

Who ever reads this should come to paris. paris paris paris.

Just load up on gimmicks and give me a song, we sell out in the sunshine with a bottle of white wine, my batteries are always running away from me and that tape player i was talking about. bring me batteries and ill serve you scoops.(for FREE !!!!).

i got lemons in my eye and a bucket of cheap hair dye,
hold the ice but not my hand,
the batteries are bullets in the back and their acid spells betrayl,
come and see me, show me your shoelace,
shes a real girl with hands that prove soul,
what she got she shows in her face,
it is everything,
my letters got lost,
shower you with flowers for hours and hours in the afternoon and
"play folk songs on the moon",
sugar, sugar,
super soul sister, blister.

.......Tims house last night. parents ina whole other country. we sat in chairs, we sat on the stairs, dave dressed himself into a motorised motor manner, tim cat suit blue dress, jez cat suit, ed small shorts, grace glasses, mads is ready for bed in pyjamas,me shirt skarf and dress, i dont remember what You were wearing but it was really really wonderfull. Hip hip hippie music perfection for sunday twilight, also donovan dylan and dochey played acoustic geetaRs. i must give tims pink skirt back to tim. him..............

today i am OFF. off of work. tried to phone dave but apparently for the third and a half year running ENGLISH LITERATURE and ENGLISH LANGUAGE are languages of the English. preston park this evening and then i do not know so dont ask the operator cause she just dont know either.Ether. maybe ill start gambling and grooving with the ghost of jaques brel.

ok, ciao, aurevoir, bye, thanks for your time and your Tee Shirt,
im gona go swim in the big blue with Jean Reno and his pals.
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Time:11:04 am

You are one in a thousand.

Saturday. Sat sat Saturday.

I wait all winter long for this summer summer song but its never gonna clear,
rain pours slowly day over day. my crossbow isnt the only one in the forest, ill try the taste of moss, floss my teeth, have some friends call me a friend and have some people come down, make sound and pull my strings.

im gonna get married.

i brought this pen to buy your love
sat around to give me hugs
listen to the soulfull sound of this dedicated dedication
i dont know how many S's fit into your name, if there is, if i can fill it up with S ' s
ess ess ess
sent to test and sent to turn, you sent me all over just to fall,sent me over just so i could wait wait wait,
wait patiently,
you put your coins in plastic bags, seperate your golden bad bad moods,
is it ok for me to come along, ill drive along to sing your song
its me: shooting hoops and serving coops
writing letters down the phone, we can make a home,
the bones are the stones that build up the homes
and you can chew and you can try, try that white dress on but its never gonna fit

"you got to marry me, grow up and thn marry me"

Unripe grapes put to one side of the coffee table last night was fun with a capital "forget not having fun".Walkers walk and the rest, we take cabs. Our cab driver (Gerald?) is a guy who knows what he wants out of life: a book of babies names, kids and a pair of shoes to retire into.
Me, grace, hattie, mads and jack clarks in the dark. Jack clark got us high, grace played sound and vision and played and made playlists to the four corners of my shoelace , hattie "everybodys happy nowadays", mads (soul sister to the surreptisously sinister serendipity) played squash with patsy cline, drunk wine, raped grace (best rape ever!) and made bizzare connections to lilly allen.we disapeared,shed no tears and drank all the beers.How many people can you fit on my sofa, the quota is an iota over, Lady, i say maybe i could fit twelve.

ed did not knock on my door. grace walked with jack clark, i think she met ed and made alegations against madeline "no middle name( i missed it by a country mile" something.

i sit, trying to get fit, typing fast, drinking coffee. sit on saturday. rain = no work for the restless. row a boat to find someboddy who actually reads this written word.
hattie slept on my sofa and was awoken to the sound of my mother in search of sun cream.
mum is going to watch tennis. isreal v england. lets hope murry shoots and twists, breaks no wrists and gets a kiss...for winning.

i fell in love for four minutes yesterday with a lady from brooklyn NY. she lost her skates.

before i go, i gotta head off, it takes one shot to have a great time and a harness to lose. GO! here we go!!!! we like to break the walls, we break the rules and the rulers, the forgetting chain smoking foolers, after schoolers. Come on, lets cawl and scrawl, screw school, look up when you walk, chalk testimony, holy holy matrimony.

i hope for the hype. to wear stripes or hawain hoops tonight at the mothers fathers party, father to grace (the host) and toast of the shindig. toast everybodys dad, dad gets older, smoulders, shaves hairs from his shoulder, waiting for parents to change but they never ever change but they exchange wisdom and work hard for happiness.

today i have twenty pounds in my pocket. today i am not working.

"whats with you today?"

"whats with today today?"....

gotta go n get some pumps......
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Time:09:34 pm
I take "his" shame to the cleaners.

The BBQ at B and Q.
Spear a copper for the guy that we met on the way there.
over there theres things to do but noboddy cares or gives a flying fuck.
fuck fuck fuck.

Night time scene tonight, roof hangout on daves lofty lofty loft. one thumb in ten different chocolate bars. 7/7 tonight. tonight in 202 minutes.

hattie has come round to show me her hat and then we will drink wine, beer, pimms and red lobster with david murphy (who i like to call a friend of mine) and Rosh burns ( who i like to call beatific brother of dave whos really his sister).

hattie is wearing my scarfe. she can fuck off and move to spain.

our plans (p, d, R) for a giant beach barbeque fell one short of the whistle so now we settle for stoned soul picnics and pringles.

maybe ill carry on this later when ive got home. today was my day off, i brought two records and a ticket to lilly allen. summer sensation.

bust out the scene!
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Current Music:Trio - da,da,da
Current Location:Pete Inkpens Bedroom
Subject:Sunday evening 2006
Time:09:32 pm
Current Mood:listlesslistless
Hope. Hope for hip hop.

Summer is here bottled up in a thousand cans of cherry coca cola.
id be lying if i said i didnt go to work today.

Steven Emmerson visited me from Theology camp. He will work on Father pauls vinyard. Father Paul wants to bless the Vinyard but so does father Stew.
Steve wont get paid, noboddys gona get laid but in about six years the champagne will be ready to wrestle with.
(NOTE TO DAVE: we still need to come up with a "name" for the vinyard)

A 46 year old french lady kissed me on the cheek for 0.7 seconds after i told her how to get to the north laines.

My life as a toaster. Weird is wrapped up in a box.
Weird is wrapped, weird is wire.I get wired and tired and when i call myself serendipity its just me being shy and scared of the coffee i drank. Went to sleep and woke up in a coffin. She said "i love you but you dont know how to spell".

My boss gets richer off me then i get off him. He's having a party for his wife on Friday. (Note to Dave: Obviously...)

Help, listless, tired, screwdriver, weve got to sweat it out:

From the moth you killed last tueday to the rocket attacks there is no justice in this world.Hope is a joke or a four letter word, world.

Context, contextual, music as contraception, troubles big and small, still troubles, one page to the next, is it really? too easy to forget or do we ignore things, i dont really read the paper so much these days but i watch the news, informed, illformed, it just something.

All you beautifull people out there:

I need tapes for work. Ive got a french tape player from 1971 and im running out of tapes to play at work. Will listen to everything. Broken shoelaces, soulfull sollitude, dying matchess, dolphins, austin powers, surpriZes.

one scoop: £1.70

two scoops: £2.70


Sunday evening. Sunday night. Live Living Journal.
Whos got a live journal?
Yesterday Dave stood with me for the last two hours off work then i had to get his bike for him and it bit me. He wants to start a book club "apparently". I kiss the floor with my feet.

My name is Pete Inkpen. My name isnt pete inkpen.I have a myspace profile.
I appear to be listening to david bowie Hunky dory alot. I like videos, learning to moonwalk whilst learning to watch watching poledancers poledance, music that screams YES or NO, egg fried rice, addictive personalities, coffee, milky tea, skateboards ( i like to ride them down hills anyway), my friends, bounty bars, double deckers, lion bars, M&Ms, drawing and most of all i like tommorow.

Sorry, i dont really know how to handle my livejournal. Piss all over the new kid. what was i supposed to be saying? Today i woke up with a new hairstyle and a smile tatooed on my face...

Ive got the day off work tommorow and i get paid!!!!!
(monday 17th!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !

any suggestions????? ? ?
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Current Music:belle and sebas
Current Location:madeleine's room
Time:10:15 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
hello my name is peter inkpen
i work at ben&jerry's. it is boring but my friends visit me all the time so it is good. grace visits me, she is very exciting and makes me signs with prices on so i do not have to tell people what the prices are. i also hate to tell people the flavours of the ice cream we have. people who visit the station are weird. i also get very cheap coffee. sometimes i drink too much coffee though.
i also like to buy a lot of records. i like hawaiian themed parties.
i like wearing sunglasses.
today i can't remember what i did but in the evening i went to the park with various people including my pals roisin and david who is a drunk. we then ended up going to madeleine's house and sitting in her room, where grace and hannah were already. it was fantastic and i enjoyed it a lot. the highlight of my night was making this livejournal. i love livejournal. long live livejournal. bo yeah.
catastrophe wife

i'm hangin on the peripheral edge of society. ice cream is my domain. i introduce sequins, ink, spheres, bio-tides, angular contortion, easy eyes, blunts, shambolic sunglass reguritation syndromes. 'i was there' , 'I WASHED THERE' ' I STOLE LOADS OF FORTIFIED HAIR'.....banal canal courted me in the posie symbol. thanks alot i said. shred. lymphonia. cortizone. catatonia. and the nightly, ninties. cheers for the bottled beer, broken. ST TESCO, cried dave, dIIIIIIIIIlivering. sing. swing. until you feel your ears ring. Peter, Peter, logically, cosmically, i await. thankyou kindly for your time, and dane bowers.....

happiness isnt a drug and bees dont sting. its not "i love you," its "i listen to you".
thanks to the queen fever, the nightime stealer.

i found, i got lost, i got loose,live journal will be my ubrella,this is not a rehersal.

In the words of John Lemon (lest we forget) "Give Pete a chance"
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hello is it me you're looking for
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You're looking at the latest 7 entries.